The artist expresses that he has two passions from a very young age: Art and aviation. The artist, who started making model planes, paintings, and designs at the age of 7, states that he does not associate this passion with what he wants to be when he grows up. Unable to study painting upon the opposition of his family, Oganaki steps into aviation, his second passion, and takes the exam to become a pilot. Oganaki, who has a middle ear problem, completes Aviation Management by transitioning between departments. Oganaki, who worked as a Flight Operations Specialist at THY after graduation, states that he is doing this job because it is the closest profession to being a pilot. The artist, who is also the author of the book "Good Flights", in which he answers the questions that passengers are curious about, never separates himself from art throughout his career in aviation and continues to make paintings, combining his passion for antiques and old goods with art to produce restorations, designs, and contemporary art. He states that he is satisfied with his production by discovering the art of the diorama, in which all these elements combine, in his own words, "miniature atmosphere sculpting", because this field, which requires skills such as painting, design, and observation, teaches patience and the importance of details to an impatient person. He adds that in order to be able to produce his works, he enabled him to master arts such as carpentry, electrical work, ceramics, and sculpture.

Oganaki still continues his diorama productions in his studio in Ankara.

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