Mehmet Özenbaş - One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows



September 14 – November 20, 2022

Mehmet Özenbaş's exhibition titled “One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows” meets art lovers at Piramid Sanat!

“One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows” examines the relationship between the city and nature through his works that can be perceived as rough, wild but at the same time quite calm in their own rhythm. Having studied and worked on textile for many years, Özenbaş also turns into a collector of the pieces left by the forests and trees. By establishing a direct relationship between the concepts and the material, the artist gives the audience a direct experience with his love of nature and dedication to preserving vitality. From his studio in Çatalca, near İstanbul, the artist goes on producing his works on canvas with various branches, fabrics and home-made paints.

Mehmet Özenbaş’s exhibition “One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows” can be seen at Piramid Sanat until November 20.


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