(Erdoğan Samiloğlu, 1966 İstanbul, Türkiye)

Painter, sculptor and installation artist.

Erdo Sam studied German Language and Literature at Ankara Hacettepe University. In 1987 he moved to Würzburg to continue his education at the Julius-Maximilians-University. After graduating with a master's degree, he began his doctorate in comparative linguistics under Norbert Richard Wolf, but dropped out after starting his career. Artist also worked for many years as a lecturer at the Society for Professional Advancement in Würzburg. In 1995, he received the City of Würzburg's first Peace Prize with the Temporary Foreigners Advisory Board, of which he was a founding member.

Erdo Sam started his art career in the 1990s. The artist joined the Association of Artists in Lower Franconia and exhibited his large-format paintings and floating installations in various group exhibitions. Reinterpreting himself by constantly observing his surroundings, Erdo Sam's works oscillate between figure and abstraction. In the “Gardenerette” series, the artist adds layers of figurative narrative to his abstract-based works with various steps that he calls “forming”. For the "Burnt Works", he works on a technique he developed himself, on burned paper, and uses the "almost burned" underground in his series.Using this technique, Erdo Sam created two series, "Crime Against Humanity" and "Burnt Love", in July 14th 1993 Main-Post published and article on him and decribed his work as: “Not only does Şamiloğlu deal with aggression, hatred and suffering as content, but - this is his power - he literally integrates brutal action into his paintings.”

The Gardenerette exhibition including the “Burnt Paintings” series,  attracted great attention, at the Spitäle gallery (Germany) and then at the Polish National Museum during the Majdenek International Art Triennial which had the theme of “Auschwitz”.

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