Unknown Stories
October 14 – November 3, 2014

Denizhan Özer uses in his works, real documents and materials such as photographs, videos and installations centered on identity and belonging that he collected over 25 years. The artist makes the unknown stories of the immigrants that he has been following in person with a gaze from the inside.

The art of Denizhan Özer, who continues his works in London and İstanbul, feeds from the contradiction of the thin line between what is legal and illegal. The artist, who tries to convey the story of the people who come to London as immigrants and try to cling onto life in a different geography, emphasizes the concept of “social justice” which develops between the subject and the power structure.

The operation of the border gates, the unplanned manner of the government policies, the relationship of the illegal organizations with the system, the dangers of immigration which starts with a wish for a better life and the desperation of the individual stuck between tradition and modernity are the main phenomena that he places on the forefront of his works. The artists focuses on the hidden face of the journeys of the immigrants that start with hopes for a better future for their children and a better life but end up suffocating in the containers of trucks…

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