September 3– October 18 2015

Abstract Cuba is an exhibition with spontaneously taken photographs from Cuba via a smart phone. Some samples of abstract paintings on-canvas which the artist has painted in his studio located in Bodrum, Gümüşlük right after his trip to Cuba, will be also shown in this exhibit.

“For Suat, the whole visual field that he is in front of is a potential group of traces that can influence his art. Grounds, puddles, sunbeams reflected on trees, discolored old walls, car hoods, abandoned houses, clouds, raindrops or a Lolita’s fragrant hair… Each of them can first reflect on his memory, then from there, on his camera and canvas, at any time. All the World, marks of a civilization that is called “left only with one single tooth”, nature’s human settlements and the intersection area of other vital signs… Each one of them is an interaction zone for the artist. Cuba, at this point, is the eternal house of Suat, which is at the center of this overall picture. You may attribute this to his love for solitude, Che, Sierra Maestra or to the Hotel Habana Libre’s coffee that should be consumed before it gets cold.” -Bedri Baykam

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