March 12th 2021 – March 26th 2021

Karma, considers the individual's relationship with other elements of the society within the punishment and reward mechanisms while holding the individual responsible for her or his actions.

Uğur Kayan, who mentions that he is always referred to as "the other" within the society, invites his audience to understand through Karma. The artist, who identifies nude photography as a means of expressing what society regards as the other, deepens the relationship between aesthetics and the female body.

Stating that he sees the suppression of the female body with social norms under the pretext of “virtue”* as a dystopia of violence, Kayan aims to raise his voice against this oppressive sociological situation with Karma.

Referring to different ways of thinking from all segments of the society with the frames he captured, Kayan approaches his models in an erotic or neurotic context. He defines the framework of the Karma exhibition by saying, “Everyone understands what they want to understand. Just as I wanted; for them to understand and get used to it as much as they understand." And he adds; "I am not the one who has to get used to society, society has to get used to me."

The exhibition, which aims to confront the audience with the concepts that they evaluate only when they are alone between their four walls, has a catalog and starts with Uğur Kayan's statement " I hope this exhibition will be the "karma" of all people and artists who are under pressure, marginalized, forced to feel ashamed.". Thus, the exhibition has the characteristics of questioning the relationship established between nude photography and its artist.

Uğur Kayan's first solo exhibition, Karma, can be visited at Piramid Sanat until March 26th 2021

*In this text, 'virtue' is not used in an inclusive, general sense. It is used to replace "namus" which means female virginity associated with honor, purity, integrity, and decency for every female in Turkish Society.

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