Bedri Baykam has grasped the lenticular process, a technique whose material seed has been around for 4-5 decades; He readapted it through a mixture of materials and optical fields with the help of several processes which allow to develop many layers, going sometimes up to 50! The new technique, that he chose to call 4D, (Three dimension + “Time”, the 4th dimensional vector bringing together the past, the present and the future) has raised a lot of interest around the world since 2007.

This series is a synthesis of his works from the last ten years, preceding 2007. “Transparent Layers”, “Girly Plots”, The Horses and Icons Series” and the “Lolitarte” have contributed a great deal directly to the creation of this series. They were the unavoidable result of the double prints on canvas and the transparencies, this time worked over a new surface, the lenticulars.

Baykam using sometimes up to 40-50 layers has dramatically innovated a material that has been around for 4-5 decades.

After 2009 Baykam takes advantage of this excellence in mastering this new medium and treats globally thematic subjects such as the general referential to old masters or his own work (Akademie der Künste, Berlin 2009), the full reinterpretation of Edvard Munch (Pinacothèque de Paris 2010), the French Open Tennis Tournament (Roland-Garros Museum, Paris, 2011), or the JFK assassination “8 Seconds that Changed the World” (Piramid Sanat, İstanbul & Çankaya Fine Arts Centre, Ankara 2013-14). More details on these shows are here below.


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