Mehmet Özenbaş - One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows



September 24 – November 20, 2022

Mehmet Özenbaş's exhibition “One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows” will be on display at Piramid Sanat.

In the solo exhibition of Mehmet Özenbaş, “One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows”,  we witness a city exposed to human intervention, overlapping nature; we are sometimes exposed to class differences, sometimes to the freedom of nature when it is left alone, and mostly to what "snow" makes the artist feel.

Özenbaş is a nature lover and observer who spent many years in the textile sector. Moreover, he is a mountaineer who not only watches but creates life for himself in nature, and becomes a collector of parts abandoned by the trees and hikers to the nature. The artist, who examines the nature and the city in his works, emphasizes the relationship between these two "concepts" that he loves very much, and focuses on protecting this relationship while drawing attention to every dynamic of nature in his works.

The artist provides a direct experience to the viewer by establishing a visible correlation between the concepts he analyzes and the materials he use.

From his studio in Çatalca, Özenbaş continues to produce his works on canvas with tree branches, different fabrics and paints, believing to a better world to come.

One of the parallel events of the 17th Istanbul Biennial, “One Doesn’t Cry When It Snows”, can be seen at Piramid Sanat until 20 November 2022.


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