Erdo Sam


15 April – 29 May 2022

“At first glance, Erdo Sam’s works appears formally liberated from a compositionally recognizable order. This is also true in regards to the self-confident placement of occasional color clusters that are almost scenic in their nature. Otherwise, the paint application is that of a delicate transparent glaze. As empathetic viewers, we can certainly embrace the painter’s desire when he lets the paint flow across the canvas. The paint moves as gravity pulls. Sometimes like glowing lava, at others on the contrary like cooling mercury element. Purposeful coincidence.”

-Sophie Brandes

“Gardenerette” refers to a new world order and even a new human vision, while oscillating between abstractions and real life.

“And what is the new conception of humanity?

Erdo Sam lights up.

A society without pain. Without violence and hatred. The feminine influence as a stabilizing force in shaping future societies.

A prerequisite in all this: A shift of societal norms on the female body, one in which women are not under the constant “biological” compulsion of having to give birth.”

The Gardenerette exhibition including the “Burnt Paintings” series,  attracted great attention, at the Spitäle gallery (Germany) and then at the Polish National Museum during the Majdenek International Art Triennial which had the theme of “Auschwitz”. Together with the context rendered expressionless through social conditioning, it leads the audience to feel these emotions in an interactive way.

“The word “war” is still around us. So let us once again turn to the present. And thus, reality. Let’s go all the way back to the beginning of Erdo Sam’s emergence. The “Burnt Works”. They aren’t “pretty”. Faces in which the fire has left its terrible traces. Violence as it is constantly practiced throughout the world. Violence against women, children, with ‘other’ beliefs.”

The main rhytm of the exhibition is a collective sense of helplessness mixed with rebellious thoughts generated by femicide that has for long and reinforced the deep pain and caused social trauma in our country as well as the feeling of revolt provoked by Russia's persecution of Ukraine.

Gardenerette which will be opening on April 15th, "World Art Day", can be visited at Piramid Sanat until May 29th, 2022.


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