October 23 –December 1, 2020

Curator : Bedri Baykam

Emerging artist Şevval Başalan’s new exhibition at Piramid Sanat between 23 October – 1 December!

“As a person who lives by feeling every moment from my fingertips to my hair, I see my life, emotions, and subconscious in the works I produce. All these processes are my catharsis, my soul, my inner voice, my healing-growth-empowerment adventure! The word catharsis is also a striking word as timbre; It ensures that everything is pushed out of consciousness as it goes through a transformation to meet with the person on the surface. The encounter brings ejaculation, vomiting, noticing, accepting, or not accepting.” -Şevval Başalan

In her exhibition that she chose to entitle Catharsis, the sculptures she made in the last six months during the Corona period, the engravings she made in the last year, and the paintings she made in the last two years come together at Piramid Sanat with Bedri Baykam as the curator.

Catharsis, which is conceptualized as a technique applied by names such as Freud, Jung, and Josef Breuer, can be defined as "the purification of the soul from evil".

Baykam, who also has an article in the catalog published in parallel with the exhibition, presents the artist with these words: “In her works, the human body, the organs, the soul it carries, and the pain it reflects are in their most surprising and intense form. As a young person, she defines her absolute devotion to art, her great interest in art history, the heavy events and unpleasant experiences she encountered in life, as an artist who has been able to produce formulas that will transform every potential source of power in favor of her own art." Emphasizes that the original works she produces are in fact an exemplary choice for young contemporary artists at a universal level and continues with the following words:  “She does not hesitate to reveal the most personal and singular feelings and pains, organs, and inner exploration process of the human, starting with herself and sharing it with the universe. Isn't this actually the first step in the journey towards the most personal of each of us? "


Şevval Başalan

(1996, İstanbul)

After graduating from Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School, the artist, who studied painting at Yeditepe University Plastic Arts Department with a full scholarship, is also continuing her master's degree at the same university while taking formation at The Marmara University Faculty of Education.

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