Curator : Bedri Baykam

December 18th, 2020 – January 31st, 2021


Oganaki's first solo exhibition is At Piramid Sanat between December 18th and January 31st 2021!

“With Oganaki's three-dimensional, beyond miniature works, you are caught in a vortex as soon as you encounter them; it is as if you go on a safari in the time tunnel of a Lilliput universe. When the nostalgic tour is over, your sympathy for the "small" and the "detail" will increase; you will respect the creativity and hardwork of the artist."

-Selçuk Altun


The Whispering boxes  take the artist on a journey about patience. The refined details of the dioramas, the time those works require, transform the artist’s hasty and impatient personality. Whispering Boxes is a challenge for Oganaki… For us, it is an exhibition that will trigger deep memories and also give us incredible pleasure. These three-dimensional dream-like works sometimes take us to a barbershop, a library, a gas station, a car repair shop, or an artist studio...


“Oganaki's works make us happy. We can sneak into them as fitting in a comfortable glove perfectly! This is a very sudden yet intense and immediate experience. “Whispering Boxes” enliven our past, our longings, our forgotten songs, and experiences. Although sometimes the smell of the lost lands of time gives us pain through their inaccessibility, we even experience a sort of mischievous pleasure.

Whether a connoisseur of the art, world, or a postman, or florist, who ever got to see these works by chance, they attract everyone to their sphere of influence like magnets! It is impossible not to get into a dialogue with these boxes.“


Bedri Baykam, the curator of the exhibition, describes his first encounter with his works, and that their striking transcends our social codes, in the article, he writes for the catalog.

For this exhibition, Piramid Sanat publishes a comprehensive catalog that includes an article written by Bedri Baykam and the introduction by Selçuk Altun.

Whispering Boxes can be visited at Piramid Sanat until January 31, 2021.


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