Mehmet Yılmaz

March 12 - April 29, 2018

Opening: Monday, March 12 | 18.00-21.00


Mehmet Yılmaz’s striking new series the Heymimres opens at Piramid Sanat on Monday, March 12!

“On one side different artistic disciplines and their whatness, on the other side our individual and social identities. Even though they are from different categories, they may come together arbitrarily, intentionally and accidentally. Heymimres series, as a combination of sculpture(heykel), architecture (mimarî) and painting/picture(resim) is about these relationships.

My adventure of Heymimres has once again shown to me that there are no strict boundaries between imitation and creativity, copy and original, crafts and arts, craftsmanship and artistry, tradition and innovation, purity and hybridity, manual and intellectual, practical and theoretical, analog and digital, planned and coincidental, non-art and art, and that these can easily be placed side by side.”  - Mehmet Yılmaz

You can visit the exhibition at Piramid Sanat until April 29.



For more information:

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t. +90 (212) 2973121
piramidsanat.com | piramidsanat@gmail.com

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