Born in 1962, Denizhan ÖZER is from Artvin – Hopa. Living and trained in Ankara before university, the artist entered Bursa Uludağ University Education Faculty Department of Art in 1981. He took an interest in theatre and music throughout his university years. As well as acting in the theatre groups of the university and various private theatre groups, he carried out stage designing. He acted in various plays at Bursa State Theatres.

He joined archaeological excavations in the Calik area having gone to Spain after completing his university education in 1985. He continued acting at the State Theatres the same year as well. He was among the founders of Bursa Art of Cinema and Photography Foundation (BUFSAD) in 1986. He continued his works within the body of the foundation until he went abroad. He gave interviews, lectures; made shows on the art of photography. He participated in photography symposiums.

His art criticisms and comments were published regularly in the Artist Plastic Arts Magazine regularly in 1986-1987. He wrote articles on art in many other magazines as well. He also acted in various TV serials.

Having carried out examinations in galleries and museums in Italy, France and Spain in 1987, Denizhan ÖZER settled in London in August 1987. A short while after this date, he established the ITOF Theatre Group. While continuing his studies relating to theatre and visual arts, he underwent language training at various schools and the University of London, Westminster College. After completing his language training, he took his master’s degree on the Sociology of Art at London American University in 1993-1995. He underwent training on cinema and television program production at University of London, Birkbeck College in 1996. While continuing his education, on the one hand; he established London Meydan Theatre in 1989, on the other. He wrote and directed many plays, as well as acting as the general art director of this theatre until 1995.

He took part in the establishment of the Rainbow Art Centre in 1995; Turquoise Art Group and T-Union art groups in 1996. He acted as the director of London Arcola Gallery in 2000-2004. He started working as a project and exhibition director in Karşı Sanat Works in 2005. He founded Koridoor Modern Art programs carrying out activities in the international arena in 2007.

Having taken part in many national and international exhibitions since 1982, the artist has been acting as a curator, as well as creating art works since 1998. He has carried out many performances, multimedia and transparent shows and attended conferences, interviews and symposiums so far. He lectured in universities, ranked among art juries, and his articles have been published in many art magazines and newspapers. Denizhan Özer, who became  the curator of the Orange Flower Art Colony in 2013 and the consultancy board member of the SUMMART Contemporary Art Center in 2014, is an internationally well-known curator and artist.

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